MBAC 1, football 0 at the Belle Vue


We hadn't been to the Belle Vue while an England game had been on before. We were relieved that the only TV on was at the other end of the L shape from us. As usual at this lively town centre pub, we set up an amp and couple of microphones for those that wanted to use them. There were more takers than usual and we had a great evening.

As always, it was a pleasure to see and hear John McCrae. He sang two songs by Tom Russell. Firstly Tonight We Ride, about Pancho Villa, the Mexican revolutionary. and later Spanish Burgundy. He also finished off the evening wit My Heart Is Living In the Sixties Still.

We don't see Bob as often as we used to, so it was a shame that I only managed to fit him in twice. Sorry Bob. He sang Learning The Game, an undeservedly lesser-known Buddy Holly song, and in contrast, Peggy Gordon.

Also with only two turns were Dick (Dido Bendigo, Limehouse Lass) and Dave H (Clipper ships and Tolpuddle Men). Sorry to them too. I look forward to hearing Dave's new song when he can remember the melody:-)

Rosie and Martin made their big debut as a duo with Steely Dan's Peg to much acclaim. They made a great job of the two vocal parts in the chorus, with Rosie singing the Michael McDonald part. Maybe she can do the same for the Dansters at Wembley in July. I don't suppose the fills have been played on concertina before either.

Martin's other songs were Peter Gabriel's Here Comes The Flood, and Sugar Rush by Ian Siegal. Ian's a fantastic British blues singer and guitarist. Catch a glimpse here but, better still, go and see him live, preferably in a hot and sweaty stand-up venue rather than an Arts Centre.

Karen and Roger brought along a lovely new song The Bells of Norwich. I look forward to hearing that again. Along with Rosie, Steve and me,they recently had a gig playing for the Harleyford Motor Yacht Club's 'fitting-out dinner'. We learned Mr Tambourine Man and Knocking On Heaven's Door for that occasion but didn't get to play them, so they came out on Wednesday. Roger's big beast (i.e. his 12 string guitar) was in evidence on the former. There was also a particularly good rendition of Across The Great Divide. Rosie sang the White Stripes' Got Her In Your Pocket and led some Irish polkas (the latter filling in while Martin fetched his lyric sheet from the car!).

Gerry is off to Australia and can't make next week's 'Bring a Richard Thompson Song' evening, so he sang RT's Galway To Gracelands and later Jerry Lynn Williams' Running On Faith (popularised by Eric Clapton).

Dave F can't make next week either, so he and Simon gave us RT's Wall of Death. Very much more of this fun stuff next week. Dave and Simon's other offerings were Games People Play, Add Me and Banks Of The Roses.

The 'Bring a Richard Thompson Song' evening is on 8th April at The Prince Albert. It's a small country pub, so arrive early to get a good seat.

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