The Band Played Waltzing Matilda for the last time, and then moved on to Pink Floyd


Jack Ross, the last surviving Australian who'd signed up for the Great War, died on the 3rd June. Terry did the decent thing and sang Eric Bogle's The Band Played Waltzing Matilda. His others songs were Muesli and Dave Reader's Freakers' Ball.

Simon saw and raved about the Australian Pink Floyd recently. He and David started with the Floyd's Wish You Were Here. I assume that Messrs Gilmour and Walters didn't have a melodeon in mind when writing it. Second up for them was Richard Thompson's Time To Ring Some Changes. David also sang Joni Mitchell's Free Man In Paris.

The Pink Floyd theme re-occurred at the end of the evening. Martin had the last slot and entertained everyone with Bill Bailey's Murder In Parliament Square (the dog/cat/tramp song). Part way through, he realised that the chords were the same as Breathe from Dark Side Of The Moon, so segued into it and did a great rendition. Earlier, he'd sung Peter Gabriel's Red Rain and his own Losing The Gift.

We hadn't seen Andy for a while. He and Richard sang Once I Had A Sweetheart, The Drinking Gourd, The Old Kent Road and Banks Of The Roses.

The evening had started with Steve joining Dick for Who's the Fool Now. Dick's other songs were Billy My Boy and Man In The Moon. Steve followed the duet with the contrasting Night Rider's Lament, complete with yodelling. Later he sang River Days unaccompanied (but with much joining in) and then Gulf Coast Highway, to which I contributed some bass.

Gerry started with his fine version of Sunshine On My Shoulder. Maybe he needs a pair of round glasses to get the full John Denver effect. Not sure how he'd transform into Don Mclean for Vincent.

Rosie and I led a couple of sets of tunes, were joined by Steve on bass for Fishing Blues and Neil Young's Don't Let It Bring You Down and finished off with Dream A Little Dream Off Me.

The debut of the evening was made by a minimal configuration of the PA system that I unexpectedly won on ebay. Most of us need amplification in the lively atmosphere of the Belle Vue so the PA will return!

We're at the Prince Albert next week. Being a small country pub, it's an entirely different proposition to The Belle Vue. Arrive early for a good seat.

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