6th May at The Pegasus - Dick Frost's surprise 70th birthday celebration


Dick Frost has been a stalwart of the club since it started as Wycombe Folk Club in 1965. We couldn't let the Wednesday of the week containing his 70th birthday pass without marking it somehow.

We've arranged to be at The Pegasus, which is the biggest of our venues, and hope that plenty of people from the folk world who know Dick will join us for the evening.

Karen has negotiated a special price for the beer (usually over £3 here), arranged a cake and will organise some nibbles. We'll run the evening pretty much as usual, with everyone getting a chance to sing or play. But (apart from Dick) we may not get many turns each. We usually advertise a start time of 8:30, but don't start properly until significantly after that. We really will attempt to start promptly this week, so please arrive early.

Naturally, you'll be very welcome even if you don't know Dick.

PS Dick doesn't know about this, and is unlikely to come across this web site! It would be nice for it to be a surprise.

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  1. Looks like there will be at least 30 people for what should be a great evening. We will make sure everyone gets a song in!

  2. It's now looking like 40 people attending. There will be something to nibble at the break, and of course, birthday cake. We will try and get all singers in for a song and there should be plenty of tunes to join in with!

  3. Photo's of Dick's Birthday Evening can be seen at