Getting the names right at The Old Ship Cadmore End


We've apparently been getting the names of Fred's pieces wrong. As he helpfully produced a crib sheet for tonight, I can confidently report that he started this week with Put The Cake On The Dresser (that I know as Cooley's) and Smash The Windows on the whistle. He sang Ae Fond Kiss - this was a either had a timely Valentine's theme or a belated Burns Night one. He later added Dagen Gryr.

Stuart and Delia were on particularly good form for a perky rendition of Blue Muslin. Delia's solo spots were Blaydon Races and Raggle Taggle Gypsy.

Steve brought his own fine song, Empty Space, out of exile to great appreciation. His other two numbers were unaccompanied - Country Life and a second outing for Unison in Harmony.

James Taylor has a particular style that lots of guitar players of a certain age try and don't quite pull off. Gerry nailed it with Fire and Rain though. He's now been coming long enough for us to hear songs from his database a second time. Tonight's was Mike McClellan's The One I Love.

Some of the choices of numbers were influenced by the volume from the card school at the bar as the evening went on. The rest of them were:

Dick: Daddy Fox, Limehouse Lass, Bring Us a Barrel
Dave H: his own song Plough & Sow, plus The Berwick Jigs and Bear Dance on melodeon
Rosie and me: Captain Byng/Peg Ryans/Maid of Ardagh (polkas on melodeon and mandolin), That Ole Devil Called Love, Fishing Blues
Me: a somewhat shaky Sportsman's Hornpipe on mandolin
Karen & Roger: As I Roved Out
Roger: Til this Day Is Done
Karen: One Down The Road
Karen, Roger, Rosie and Steve: Look At The Coffin
Dave F and Simon: Rolling Minstrels, Chumbawumba's Add Me, Games People Play, Bucks Free Press
John: I Want To See Bright Lights Tonight, If You Had a Brain

We're at our other country pub venue next week - the Prince Albert at Frieth. Get there early for a good seat (and to help with the furniture moving)

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