Wed 5th November 2008 at The Belle Vue


As usual it was a lovely evening with a very appreciative audience. Not as busy as last month, nevertheless the mikes and amps were useful as there were a fair few in the bar.

I got there late after bonfire (of 11 plus practice papers), fireworks and food. Steve had sung The Great Divide, Alan and Rosie and Steve had done Keep on the Sunny Side, Dave and Tony and Alan & Rosie had played various tunes. No doubt Dick had sung something to start off the evening.

Karen sold raffle tickets at half time including some in exchange for singing a Fairport Convention song. No-one could remember all the words to Matty Groves and Bob wasn’t there to do his brief version, so Karen and Steve sang Crazy Man Michael. This went down very well and the person who bought the raffle tickets was delighted, and even more so when he actually won the raffle – and it was his birthday too!

Later Rosie and Karen & Steve and Roger sang & played I’ll Fly Away and I’m In The Jailhouse Now which went down very well.

Dick sang Bring Us a Barrel and Man in the Moon.

Earlier Karen and Steve did Joni Mitchel’s Circle Game, and Karen & Roger did Give Yourself to Love. Roger played a tune.

Dave sang, on request, a Nova Scotia whaling song, and led several tunes.

Tony from Uooop North sang a lovely song about the oldest colliery near Leeds closing, which made Karen think about her Grandfather who died in a mining accident even though his parents had hoped he’d never work down the mine. Luckily far fewer people work down mines these days – as it infers in the song - it’s a double edged sword I guess – lack of work versus dangerous work. Tony also played some concertina tunes, as did Rosie.

John turned up later as usual after his male voice choir practice, and was persuaded by Steve and Alan to sing Can't Help but wonder where I'm bound to their accompaniment. He will be away for 2 weeks in sunny (hopefully) Malta but will be back in time for Bedworth Xmas Festival – cold but fun!

Next week we’re at The Old Ship, so see you all there, for another great evening.

Regulars should have received the information about the Xmas dinner on 17th December at The Old Ship – non-regulars are welcome to ask to attend as we should have a few spare places. Xmas dinner is £19:50 and there is an excellent menu choice and song and tune afterwards. We willpost the menu on the websites soon.

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