Venues for next week and the future


TJ O'Reilly's in Marlow Bottom was the sole venue for Wycombe Folk Club's rebirth as Marlow Bottom Acoustic Club in 2003/4. As the future of TJ's has gone through some uncertainty, we've tried out some other venues and became a peripatetic club with a monthly schedule. This approach has proved to be very successful.

TJ O'Reilly's is now under new management and has been reborn with its original name of The Pegasus. Judging by the menu that was delivered to all houses in the village and the excellent free canapés that were served on the launch night, it will focus on posh food. However, real ale is served from directly from the barrel. I can vouch for its quality, especially when compared with the beer previously served at TJs and currently served at Chesham.

We thought it best to give the new management a chance to settle in before approaching them about having us turn up on a Wednesday. We'll therefore be at The Prince Albert in Frieth again next week, 26th November.

Please also note the schedule change for December. The Xmas meal is on 17th at The Old Ship, so we've moved our Prince Albert week to the 10th. As always, please check the web site for up to date venue information.

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