Wed 22nd October at TJ O’Reilly’s


It was lovely to see and hear Annette again, accompanied beautifully by Bob. Between them they sang, Raglan Road, Time in a Bottle, California Dreaming, Jolene, and The Water is Wide.

Alison, Dave and Simon, in various combinations, gave us: I was Thinking about Elvis (by Gillian Welsh), Richard Thompson’s The Backstreet Slide, Steve Earle’s Galway Girl, C’est Aviron, Dougie MaClean’s Ready for the Storm, and, at Karen’s request – The Bucks Free Press – which elicited smiles from everyone, and Little Pot Stove.

Dick sang Blow Boys Blow, She Loved a Portuguese, and Ben Hall.

Karen & Roger – Andy Stewart’s Where Are You Tonight?, Dougie MaClean’s This Love Will carry, Phil Ochs’s When I’m Gone.

Roger played tunes as well as accompanying Karen – Oranges in Bloom, & Rufty Tufty (a Playford tune)

Rosies & Alan – Lord Inchquin, The Bonny Blue Eyed Lassie (lovely), Whirling Polkas!, (Cap Bing, Peg Ryan, & Maids of Armagh), Bang Bang, Hornpipes (Alexanders & Cronins)

John, fresh from his Orpheus choir practice – Though I Live Not near the Louvre – (almost compulsory after Alan’s Facebook status report) & Leonard Cohen’s Dress Rehearsal Rag.

Work has started on the kitchen at TJ O’Reilly’s and it is possible that by the 4th Wednesday in November the pub will be unable to have us due to food & tables etc – in which case we will probably be at The Prince Albert or The Old Ship – please check on the blog site or the myspace site to find out where we are on the 4th Wednesday.

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