Right place, wrong time at The Prince Albert


Tony H came to The Prince Albert because he was in the area. However, he'd turned up at on Tuesday - we were there on Wednesday and would have welcomed him.

We were delighted to welcome three Fenners this week. Dave and Alison's daughter Cathy made a big impression on her first visit, initially with Kate Rusby's Falling and later with her own song Sleep Tight Absent Friend of Mine. We hope to hear her lovely voice and more of her songs when she's not at university.

Her parents did pretty well too.... Alison sang Working on the Railroad, True Love Comes Smiling and a lovely song that I think is called Cape Breton Lullaby. Dave started with Exiles, which happens to be my favourite Steve Knightly song.

Richard Wright, keyboard player, occasional singer and songwriter from Pink Floyd died this week. In tribute, Dave and Simon sang Brain Damage from Dark Side of the Moon, with mild manic cackles from others. They also gave us The Waterboys' Fisherman's Blues. Simon' tunes for the evening were The Prince Albert and the jigs Huntsman's Chorus and The Brooks Reel.

Stuart F, a geophysicist by trade, told us how his Sunday was spent waiting for a drilling team to reach the gas as he'd predicted. He then sang Vin Garbutt's poignant Waits and Weeps about the 1988 Piper Alpha disaster. Delia's songs were The Old Beggarman and The Raggle Taggle Gypsy.

Bromyard Festival had been a wet affair for all attendees. As well as mud, John returned with a very funny song abut Bournemouth's 1974 relocation from Hampshire to Dorset. No-one Listens to the History Man was in an altogether different vein.

Other songs for the evening were:

  • Dave H: Misty Glen of the Highlands, Connemarra Horse Trade Fair
  • Dick: Let Union Be, The Two Brethren and Fair Rosamund
  • Rosie and Alan: Angie Baby, Dream a Little Dream of Me
  • Rosie: The Kipper Family's Hollow Ground
  • Karen and Roger: Dougie Maclean's This Love Will Carry Me
and tunes:
  • Roger: Green Mountain Petronella, Der Rijke Boer
  • Rosie and Alan: Tar Road to Sligo/Tripping Upstairs/Blarney Pilgrim
  • Alan: My Darling Asleep
We're at TJO's next week, where 'Anwen' will play a couple of feature spots. They're a trio with France on harp plus cello and tabla, so this should be an interesting evening. We'll still have plenty of time for songs and tunes. See you there.

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