Hard core at The Nags Head


Partly due to it being Sidmouth Folk Festival week, we were down to the hard core of regulars this week at the Nags Head: Dick, Rosie, Alan, Martin and Vicky. Nevertheless, we powered up the PA, plugged in and ran the evening a bit like an Open Mic session.

Martin and Vicky were clearly in their element, each of them doing a couple of sets, including a new duet - Flight of the Conchords' If You're Into It. It's just as well they like each other - they had to share a microphone and a lyrics sheet with 10pt characters.

After their gig with Steve in Winslow the previous evening, Rosie and Alan were more than a little tired and were very pleased that Bob Newell arrived with guitar to play a great set. His version of Billy Joel's Piano Man was very different to the one we heard recently from Dave F.

Alan was not quite so pleased when his guitar was commandeered by someone he didn't know. This guy said "Don't worry - I'll be careful, I'm just a bit pi**ed", which was less than re-assuring. All was well though.

We're at the Old Ship at Cadmore End next week, which will be a different experience entirely!

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  1. And, just to demonstrate how unlike a Folk Club evening this was, I forgot to do the raffle.