Between the dark and the light at The Old Ship


Karen and Roger (not well) and Alan, Rosie and Martin (seeing their son/brother in a play at Norden Farm) were all missing tonight. So this entry comes courtesy of a mystery surrogate blogger.

Rob and Sara were kind enough to provide some nibbles to thank the musicians who’d played for the previous Friday’s 4th July event. It was a shame that 4 out of 5 of them weren’t there and no-one had a doggy bag.

During the evening, all the lights went out while Dave and Alison were singing and they just carried on like true professionals. We were in complete darkness for several minutes during which Stuart sang Fotheringay at Dave F's request (he requested the song, not that it be sung in the dark). Some candles were then produced and had a very nice effect, but this wasn’t great for those who need to read their lyrics. It was discovered that the rain had shorted out a garden light. Switching off the garden lights re-instated proper lights to the bar.

Notable musical contributions were from Dave F & Co, who sang the famous folk songs Dark Side of the Moon (trad. arr. Pink Floyd) and Urban Spaceman (trad. arr. Bonzo Dog Doodah Band). Dave H sang did some great songs with melodeon accompaniment for the first time.

All in all, it was a high quality and eventful evening.

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