The Belle Vue 30th July 2008


This was our first meeting at the Belle Vue, and hopefully not our last as it was a lovely evening and appreciated by the locals who joined in when they could - a really friendly atmosphere, good beer, and enough room. I'm sure we will be going back.

As this is very close to Helen's place, she could find no excuse not to come. It was great to see and hear her.

Dick: Let Union Be, Limehouse Lass, Bring Us A Barrel, Wild Rover
Martin: Heartbeat (King Crimson), Not Perfect (Tim Minchen) (with the wonderful line, "the man who rules my country, pragmatic but radical on eyebrows" or something similar!), 7:45 (self-penned) + a story
Karen & Roger: Dimming of the day, Jolene,
Karen & Roger & Steve: Lowlands
John: Shanghai Brown, Frobisher Bay (in response to a request for a Nova Scotia whaling song!), Gordan Brown(John's own fabulous parody of Stranglers' Golden Brown, finished at 4pm that same day!)
Helen: Immigrant Eyes, Roger the Miller, England's G;ory (John Prosser)
Steve: Green Hills of Antrim, I Like to Rise
Steve & Alan: This Old Town
Dave H: Mother Nature (song with melodeon), Another song with melodeon, Northern Georgie England,
Dave S: Liverpool Judies, Cry Cry Cry (the Australian version)
Rosie & Alan: Polkas, Killing the Blues (with sensitive harmonica from Roger), Waited as Long as I Can.
Rosie, Alan, Steve, Karen, Roger: Keep on the Sunny Side (at a somewhat dreary pace)
France: Harp tunes.
France & Roger: Shebag Shemor
Vicky: Our Town, Jolene
Alan, the landlord: bodhran accompaniament on some tunes as well.

Next week: The Nag's head. Do come along if you're not on holiday!

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