Wed 25 June 2008 at TJ O’Reilly’s


It was lovely to welcome new-comer Tom Wallis and his wife who were staying locally dog-sitting. Tom described himself as a Geordie living in York. Also in attendance were Dick, Alan, Steve, Jennifer, Dave & Norma, Roger, Karen, Simon & friend, Terry, Stuart, John.

Dick started the evening off with Bring Us A Barrel, accompanied by all of us singing along.

Steve brought This Old Town out in practise for our American evening and was accompanied by Alan on bass. This was followed by a fast and furious Young Collins and Princess Royal from Dave on melodeon, accompanied by Roger. Alan then reverted to his mandolin to give us a spirited rendition of The Ship in Full Sail, followed by My Darling Asleep. Stuart with the lovely Maton guitar had just learnt Will Ye Go Lassie Go with which several of us joined in the chorus.

Tom gave us the lovely chorus song Green Laurels by Geoff Wesley. Then it was melodeon time again, this time from Simon with an unknown tune which he sportingly called TJ O’Reilly’s, followed by Grandfathers Tune. Terry sang Dave Reader’s (Scarecrow on mudcat) Muesli. Karen & Roger launched into some of their American songs – Long Black Veil and Shenandoah. Dick responded with Daddy Fox. Tequilla Sunrise then ensued featuring Steve, Alan, Roger and Karen.

Dave gave us the first self-penned song of the evening with Smugglers’ Moon.

The American theme re-emerged with Steve, Alan, & Karen, giving us another Eagles song – Desperado. Stuart played the difficult and intricateYes number – Mood for a Day. Tom Wallis provided us with another chorus song – Rare Old Times which the entire company joined in with. Simon gave us a lively version of Orange in Bloom, a morris tune popular in Shropshire. Terry then rolled back the years to the late 50s to give us The Clancy Brothers famous comic version of Galway Bay.

John continued the comic theme with Les barker’s Though I Live Not at The Louvre, after which Roger and Karen introduced their recently learned version of Jolene as performed by Matraca Berg, followed by the bluesy Louise. Dick reminded us of the perils of Demon Drink and the inadvisability of busting young ladies tambourines – fitting as this was the first time within living memory that a tambourine had been played on a singers night at MBAC (by Karen during Jolene).

Steve and Karen enjoyed singing Lyle Lovett’s If I Had a Boat. Dave sang his lovely Northern Geordie England which Tom asked for the words for. Steve, Alan & Karen sang Little Feet’s Willing.

For many of us the highlight of the evening was Stuart's beautiful version of Sandy Denny’s Fotheringay. Tom gave us Paddy Riley to Bonnie Jane Duff (??), Simon produced another tune of unknown name which was French so he called it Tee Schay O’Reilly. John sang the lovely My Eldorado. Terry gave us We Danced All Night To the Fiddle and The Banjo, and Steve, Roger and Karen finished the evening with Oh Cumberland which sounded wonderful with the two guitars and Karen & Steve singing the chorus together.

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