Which are your favourite Dick Frost songs?


As a depature from the usual pattern of blogs here, I thought I'd encourage some interaction by posing a question.

Which are your 3 favourite Dick Frost songs?

Please use the 'Comment' link to submit your entries. Although I encourage you to register, you can comment wihtout doing so - just put your name in the comment.

If we have enough response, I'll compile a 'Hit Parade' and perhaps even create a special 'Dick Frost Greatest Hits (so far)' jukebox.

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  1. It's very hard to choose just 3! I'm not sure I can. I love: Bonny Bunch of Roses, Broomfield Hill, and Lime House Lass, but would also not want to leave off: Fair Rosamund, Tedburn Hill, Turkish Men of War, Brian Boru, Go From My Window, Tobacco is an Indian Weed, The Fatal Glass of Beer, Man in the Moon, Bright Morning Star.

  2. I like, Let Union Be, Drink Old England Dry, and Bring Us A Barrel.

  3. My favourites are: Limehouse Reach, Fair Rosamund and Jones's Ale - Rosie

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