Entertaining the walkers


The nice weather encouraged some people to take an evening stroll and then pop into The Prince Albert at Frieth this week. They seemed to like what they heard, and joined in with choruses and applause. This made for a very pleasant evening.

If they were listening closely, they heard Karen sing John McCrae's excellent update of Arthur McBride. The recruiting sergeant's victims in this version are reminded that they may end up in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Here's what else they heard:

DickInnocent Hare, Bring Us a Barrel, Limehouse Lass
Dave HThe Sea, Let Smiling Be Your Banner (which really should be Dave's motto), Clipper Ships
Dave FNew Barbary (if we operated a word quota, this would have used Dave's up for the evening - and without a lyric sheet), William Taylor, Fishing for the Humpback Whale
Roger MDurham Rangers (which would have used up his note quota)
KarenSomewhere Along The Road
Karen & RogerWhere Are You Tonight (hear this on the music player on the right)
Rosie & AlanTar Road to Sligo/Tripping Up the Stairs/Blarney Pilgrim, I'll Fly Away, Crazy, Teahan's Favourite/Maggie in the Woods
AlanSportsman's Hornpipe
DeliaWhere Have All The Flowers Gone, Generation of Life
Roger RThe Unfortunate Tailor, Some Tyrant Has Stolen My True Love Away, Rosabella
JohnNorthwest Passage
VickyBluebonnets' Wing
We look forward to hearing Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life from Roger when he's loaded the full lyrics rather than just the first lines onto his PDA.

We're at TJ's next week, where we're unlikely to encounter passing hikers. However, we're sure to hear some great songs and have a lot of fun.

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