Full house at TJ O’Reilly’s


It was a full house at TJ O’Reilly’s with 19 of us most of the time, though Karen kept having to go back home for things she’d forgotten, and Alan and Rosie watched a performance at Borlase before coming along. So we were a bit late starting and unusually only managed to get 2 songs each. Dick kicked us off with Drink Old England Dry, followed by Roger R singing about the landlubbers lying down below. Simon & David were joined by Bob and Roger M for Herbert Smith’s 4 Hand Reel and Dark Girl Dressed in Blue.

David and Alison played guitar and concertina for a lovely version of One More Day followed by Alison’s lovely singing on Dave Watters Angels on Sunday. Bob continued the singing with Alan Hull’s I Think I’ll Walk Out in the Rain and Karen did an unaccompanied song The Call and The Answer.

Roger M played the lovely Canal in October which was followed by Alan’s mandolin solo The Pernod Waltz – Rosie at this time having had to taxi-drive to Norden Farm at Maidenhead. Martin sang in his own inimical style his self-penned New Tricks and Stewart then had us all singing along to The Golden Vanity (something I hadn’t heard for years (used to have it on an old Lonnie Donnegan EP) until recently at Maidenhead Folk Club where it was sung by Brian Peters). Delia sang Far Away Town and the prolific Dave H gave his new song Will He, it’s first outing, swiftly followed by John who had just arrived and sang Clyde Water to end the first half.

Dick started off the 2nd half but I can’t remember what with. Roger R had us all singing Riding on a Donkey which was followed by Simon’s melodeon, playing Simonsbury with snatches of Dr Finlay’s casebook – cleverly guessed by someone – and Holly’s I Guess it Doesn’t Matter Anymore.

David and Alison then took us back to the 60s for a beautiful version of Velvet Underground’s number Pale Blue. Bob had us all joining in Ride On, Karen and Roger did Medicine Wheel, & Alan & Rosie did Taj Mahal’s Fishing Blues. An extreme change of mood took us as Martin then sang Rock and Roll Nerd which caused rather a lot of laughter. John finished with the Flusher’s Song about sewage. Somewhere along the evening Alison and David won a rather nice bottle of wine and everyone decided that at least TJ’s was big enough for 19 of us even thought the beer leaves something to be desired – in fact Karen was accused of torturing people by displaying some rather nice bottles of beer as an alternative raffle prize.

Next week we are at The Old Ship, Cadmore End, where the beer and environment are wonderful, and of course the music is wonderful too because we will be there – Wednesday 2nd of April.

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