Lost and found at T J O'Reilly;s


It was a pleasure to welcome Stuart and Deirdre (with their mini-disc recorder) for their first visit to the club. After an evening's listening and recording, Stuart sang the excellent Tavistock Goosey Fair for us, complete with Devonshire accent. He conjured up an image of a trail of lamps across Dartmoor as the farmers travelled overnight to get a good spot at the fair.

Karen came without her singing voice, having acquired another throat infection (or maybe she had been practicing too much with Roger and Steve). She brought her bodhran and full set of shakers. Alan brought a camera, so you can see photos of the evening here.

We had a run of songs of lost love, started by Dick with Limehouse Lass. It was continued by Steve with The Eagles' Tequila Sunrise, God Bless The Broken Road (written by Marcus Hummon and recorded by The NGDB and a country hit for Rascal Flatts) and Dylan's Tomorrow Wasn't Such a Long Time. Rosie and Alan added Stevie Wonder's Blame It On The Sun to this theme, but balanced it with a tale of found love – Looking in the Eyes of Love.

Without his vocalist, Roger and his guitar took us on a European tour with Josephine's Waltz (Norway), Le Canale en Octobre (France), the Boys of Bluehill (Ireland) and Seven Stars (back to England).

Dick had started the evening with Let Union Be, and also contributed Bring Us A Barrel (which has been notable for its absence recently), Twas On One April Morning and the Irish ballad, The Castle of Dromore (AKA October Winds).

The field behind Dave and Norma's is being ploughed for the first time for many years, no doubt reflecting the high price of wheat. This made Dave's song Plough and Sow very topical. We also heard his new song about the American Civil War, and Northern Geordie England.

Some residents of a local retirement home will have the pleasure of being entertained by John and some friends this weekend. We were pleased to hear one of their planned songs - the music hall favourite If It Wasn't For The Houses In Between.

We had a couple of bluegrass songs - Good Times Are Past and Gone from John and In the Jailhouse Now from Rosie and Alan. Other songs were River Days (Steve) and John Ball (John).

The other tunes in the evening were the 3 around 3 set (led by Dave), Sportsmans' Hornpipe (Alan), Sonny Brogan's & Charlie Lennon's Mazurkas and The White Petticoat & Out On The Ocean (Rosie and Alan).

We'll be at The Old Ship at Cadmore End next week and hope you can join us to sing, play or just listen.

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