Highly enjoyable first meeting of 2008


I have just written the blog and accidently clicked on cancel!  How very annoying is that!

A really lovely night despite the absence of our younger members (on pub crawls etc apparently) and Alan being unable to play - broken right thumb and broken left wrist. (X-Ray of wrist available of Alan's Facebook site!) That left Rosie to lead lots of tunes ably accompanied by Bob, Roger and Steve.

Dick began the year with Bring Us A Barrel, then went into comic mode with Walking Your Bulldog and Fatal Glass of Beer, then sang the beautiful Twas On One April Morning.

It was lovely to see Alison & David, Alison unfortunately only being able to come along in holidays because of her teaching commitments.  Her beautiful voice was likened to Shirley Collins and she sang some lovely songs - Going Over Jordan, My Love (by Mannering which Dick asked for the words to), Cottage Door and Angels Hovering Round - all these with choruses enabling some lovely harmonies.  David also, singing Tams's version of Amelia, then Ready for the Storm and Rose of Allendale. 

Bob was on great guitar form with his own "No Words" composed after having his tonsils out, and vintage Donovan Magpie and Black is the Colour - the latter being one of the most tasteful and sensitive rendition I have ever heard.

John arrived after his Orpheus practise and sang Dirty Old Town to Roger's guitar and mouth organ accompaniment then later sang the highly appropriate turning of the Year song We'll Sing Allelujah. 

Steve sang South Bound Train, Talk to Me, and Country Life, and accompanied Karen on Sun Coming Over the Hill and Crazy Man Michael, the latter also played by Roger - more collaboration to come in the future we suspect.

Karen & Roger did Maid of Culmore, Follow the Heron and Silver Dagger.

Finally Rosie managed to get a song as Bob, Roger and Steve joined together for a Your Cheating Heart.  Rosie would be very glad of guitar accompaniment over the next 6 weeks!

A lovely evening thanks to all those who turned up to play, sing, listen and support.  We look forward to more over the coming year.

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