First night at The Prince Albert


After a highly successful evening at The Prince Albert, Frieth, and some very positive comments about the beer, we are hoping to meet once a month there - probably the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

The evening began quietly in the absence of Simon and Rosie who turned up with their squeezy instruments later.  The room seated a dozen of us comfortably but we might have to try to move a table out if more people turn up. 


One highlight of the evening was Vicky's parody entitled "Play some Folky Music" after the Funky Music of Wild Cherry, cleverly accompanied by Martin on guitar - which was indeed Funky, as was his playing of Stevie Wonder's Superstition.  Martin provided another highlight - the very funny If You Open Your Mind Your Brain Will Fall Out by Tim Minchin.  Martin is back at Uni now and will be missed until the Easter hols when we look forward to seeing him again.  However, the good news is that Vicky has a guitar man who we hope to see accompanying her in the near future. 

Dick spent the night under a fireplace mantel below 2 rather lovely carved mallards.  One mini-highlight of the evening was the first really successful pun Roger has made at the club, when he announced that the ducks were "only here for the quack".   Another highlight was Dick's singing of "She Loved a Portuguese" which apparently first appeared on That Was The Week That Was.  We look forward to hearing it again.   Yet another highlight was Steve's Night Rider's Lament which we all love joining in the yodelling on.

Other Songs & Tunes were as follows:

Dick: Bring Us a Barrel, and If all these Young Ladies

Alan: some percussion accompaniment and a rather politically incorrect but funny tale of a man becoming head of the Women's Rights Movement: see

Steve: Green Hills of Antrim, Miners' Lifeguard (+ lots of enthusiastic chorus singing), and Black Velvet Band which was ably accompanied by the entire room with accordian, melodeon, guitars, Dick's walking stick, Alan on egg (still unable to play strings due to injuries), and voices.

Karen: Blacksmith and Dimming of the Day with Steve, and Silver Dagger with Roger.

Bob: Maria Elaine (by John Betmead), Needle of Death, Twisted Fairground and Down Where the Drunkards Roll accompanied by guitar (Steve & Martin), harmonica (Roger) melodeon (Simon) and voice (the rest of us)

Martin: Midnight Musings (a sensitive self-penned love-song - is there no end to his talents?), & Jokes by Dimitri Martin.

Simon: (with some excellent guitar accompaniment from Roger) All the Way to Galway, List for a Sailor (with brilliant accompaniemnt from Roger & Bob on guitar and Alan & Karen on egg), Scan Tester's No 2, Red Wing Polka (as heard by Roger on John Wayne's Chishum film, and ably accompanied by Martin on egg), Speed the Plough and Jenny Lind which had everyone joining in with guitar, melodeon, and percussion of various sorts.

Vicky: Our Town, Chip Shop -Vicky's tribute to Martin's Tribute to Bill Bailey's Tribute to Billy Bragg!

Rosie: Tahan's Favourite & Maggie in the Woods (AKA Easy Polkas - says Alan), Everybody's Crying Mercy with Martin on guitar who added a rather smart little guitar solo, Off to California & Tom Gruney Castle.  I expect my spellings to be corrected later!

Roger: some splendid guitar accompaniment to tunes, harmonica, and accompanying Karen.  And of course the usual word-play!

John: Albert & the Lion and Robbers Retreat which spawned some lively loud chorus singing.


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