it’s a long and dusty road


More furniture-removing before we could start, and some dust hanging around after we'd done that, but we eventually gathered a quorum in the side bar and got started.

It was good to see and hear Trevor from Milton Keynes again, with his songs that are rooted in the tradition but with his distinctive stamp . Despite his introduction, his 'Green Man' song wasn't really about a gnome-like artefact outside his door to keep the Jehovah's Witnesses away.

Also nice to see newly-married Dave S again, and nice of him to respond to Karen's request for Fred Wedlock's Country & Western Song.

Comedy highlight of the evening though was Vicky's new twist on Bill Bailey's 'Unisex Chip Shop" - this time from Debbie's perspective. One for Martin on his return at Xmas.

We're clearly out of the post-brewery embargo period because Karen and Steve sang "Dimming of the Day", and Rosie and Alan gave us "Fishing Blues".

Dick concluded with "The Card Song", a great joining-in number that doesn't get aired often enough. Then Steve led us into "Country Life".

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