We were "plugged-in" again this week in the old Eve's night club in order to practice for Saturday.  However, if we have torrents of rain we will have to be acoustic as apparently water and electricity do not merge happily.  Jennifer said we had definately all improved using the mikes etc over the last couple of weeks and we have certainly had lots of fun doing it.  But we will equally well enjoy huddling under a gazebo on Saturday if we have to - could be cosy, especially when accompanied by Rebellion's magnificent beer and the launch of their new pilsner lager.

We welcomed Trevor from Milton Keynes who sang some of his own excellent songs.  John treated us to Casey - such as atmospheric song - and we had a slightly silly session with John singing Ghost Riders accompanied by Rosie and Karen doing a few wailing noises in the background.  Steve and Alan played bass on several tunes and songs which all sounded great and Richard played whistle and fiddle on various tunes and songs - thank-you Richard.  Bob played terrific guitar as usual - some tasteful songs as always, including one of David Bowie's.  Martin and Vicky continue to go from strength to strength.

Next week we will be back in our usual room, which has always been non-smoking, but of course the rest of the pub will be smoke-free for the first Wednesday ever.  Excellent news.


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