Alan and Rosie started off the evening with some tunes which Terry, Reto and Martin strummed along to.  Dick and Terry (who've known each other for years) then got into some boys' banter which ended with Dick's revelation that he had once considered being a male model! 

Joni Mitchel turned out to be favoured song-writer of the evening with Big Yellow Taxi from Vicky with Reto on guitar, and The Circle Game from Karen and Steve.  Terry complimented Steve on his accompanying guitar arrangement, and was also impressed with Reto's playing - great to have such positive comments from visitors. 

Reto sang a really excellent self-penned number and gave us some suberb guitar, especially on a bluesy number.  Sue (well-known from Big Rain and more) joined us later in the evening and sang Bring Me Some Water by Melissa Etheridge - great stuff!  Reto can of course be seen every other week running a miked / amplified session at Flackwell Heath Football Club - next one being on Thursday 21st June.

Martin was great as usual but won't be here next week as he has an 'A' Level exam next Thursday morning.

Comedy was provided by Terry with a very clever comic "corrospondance" song (Terry if you read this if would be great if you could post a comment telling us what the song was and who it was by as I'm afraid I can't remember), and later in the evening by John who had us all singing a very unpolitically correct chorus about crime and punishment.

Karen and Steve also, inadvertently, provided some comedy as a by-product  of their demonstration of how not to do it!  They attempted to sing a song Steve first heard the day before and ended up stopping and starting to debate capo position etc and Karen forgot the words.  This turned out to be catching - a well-known phenomena in folk clubs where memory loss becomes infectious and follows the singers round the room - as it did in this case for Dick and then Terry and then John.  Needless to say this was all taken in good humour by everyone.  And if you're reading this and have thought about joining us to play and / or sing, you can see that making mistakes is OK and explains why many of us bring the words along with us, in print that increases in size over the years!  This means Vicky and Martin can manage a normal font 12 but some of us are on font 18!

So if you're local and play &/or sing (or used to) why not leave the TV on Wednesday evening and come along and join us for an evening of music.

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